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Check-ups during the maternity period

The delivery has passed, and the maternity period starts. This is a very important period and is often experienced as a little overwhelming and strange. The maternity period is an important period for bonding with the baby. You will get to know each other and will have to get used to each other. At the midwifery practice ‘Vol Verwachting’ we also offer personal coaching during the maternity period, even if we did not accompany you during your pregnancy and/or delivery.

The pink cloud, which is often mentioned, is not always present. The maternity period is often an exciting and emotional period with great moments, but also with discomforts and ‘maternity tears’. You have to get used to the change in your life and your body needs to recover from the delivery. During the maternity period there’s often no rhythm. This starts to develop during the first months.

Maternity care

The first 8 days after delivery, you receive help and assistance from your maternity nurse at home. The maternity nurse helps take care of your child, performs the maternity check-ups, explains a lot, and answers all your questions. Depending on the possibilities and needs, you receive maternity care for 3 to 8 hours a day. It is important to apply for maternity care before you are 16 weeks pregnant.

Besides maternity care, we will also still guide you. We are reachable by phone for questions and issues, and we will come over a few times to see how you and your baby are doing.

Check-ups and guidance from the midwives

What can you expect from us as midwives during the maternity period besides the help of the maternity care?

  • After the delivery, we will come to your house to see how you are doing. We will discuss the delivery and discuss how parenthood is going. Normally we will come over 2 to 4 times during the maternity period. How often we come over depends on the situation and the complexity of the delivery.
  • We identify possible problems, and we offer support for both physical as mental issues.
  • We offer guidance with breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Together with you and the maternity nurse, we will discuss the policy around feeding the baby.
  • We take a look at the checks the maternity nurse performs, and if necessary, will perform some checks ourselves too.
  • We are available 24/7, also during the maternity period.

When do you call the midwife in the maternity period:

It is important that you call our emergency number in the case of:

  • The mother have a fever above 38,5
  • The baby’s temperature is below 36,5
  • The baby has feeding difficulties
  • Severe physical complaints of the mother or the baby

More information

Do you have any questions about the check-ups during the maternity period? Contact us or discuss it during your next appointment.