Midwives in the regions Geldrop, Mierlo & Helmond


Do you have a complaint? Sorry to hear that, but we like to listen. Don’t keep walking around with it and share it with us as soon as possible

1. Discuss your complaint with your midwife

It is of the utmost importance that you look back on the support and treatment of our services during your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period, with satisfaction. But also if you come to us for contraception or for the child wish office hours. Our biggest concern is your satisfaction. Do you have questions? Or are you dissatisfied about something? Is something bothering you regarding our services or our contact with you? Please share this with us. Only then we can answer you or take away your dissatisfaction. Contact your midwife as soon as possible so we can talk about it. Maybe we can clear up a misunderstanding or reassure you, so we can work on a new method you feel comfortable with.

When reporting a complaint about our services we will schedule a separate appointment which is separate from the appointments in your treatment programme. Contact your midwife or send an email to info@verloskundigenpraktijk-volverwachting.nl.

2. Engage a complaints officer

Of course, you can also submit the complaint to an impartial third party. This is possible if the complaint is of such a major nature that you do not want to discuss it with us or if you do not feel comfortable discussing it with us. You can get help with submitting the complaint via a complaints officer. They will discuss with you what you are dissatisfied with and what you would like to achieve with your complaint. They advise what you can do. They can also help you start a conversation with us if you find that difficult, or to write a letter about the complaint. The complaints officer can help you and us to find a solution together. The complaints officer will treat the information you share with him or her in the utmost confidentiality.

You can contact a complaints officer via: klachtverloskunde.nl. The midwife will try to, possibly together with the complaints officer, handle your complaint within six weeks.

If you cannot reach an agreement with us, as midwives, and the mediation of the complaints officer does not work out, you can submit your complaint to the Disputes Body of Obstetrics. This independent body investigates and assesses whether your complaint is justified. It makes a binding decision on this. For more information, visit the website of the Disputes Body of Obstetrics.