Midwives in the regions Geldrop, Mierlo & Helmond


6 weeks after delivery we will see you at the practice for a follow-up. Generally, the follow-up will be scheduled by the person why has guided you during delivery. Did you deliver in the hospital and were there no complications? Then the follow-up can also take place at our practice.

What do we discuss during a follow-up?

  • Your experience of the pregnancy and delivery
  • Your experience of parenthood
  • Recovery progress; stitches, stomach muscles, pelvic floor, blood loss, urination, stool and other possible discomforts and complaints
  • How is your baby doing? Feeding, growth and rhythm?
  • We discuss contraceptive methods. If desired, we can prescribe the contraceptive pill or we can schedule an appointment for a hormone or copper IUD. Read more about this on our page about contraceptives.
  • We would like to discuss your experience with our midwifery practice and receive feedback for improvements.

More information about the follow-up?

Do you feel the necessity to discuss the above-mentioned subjects sooner? Feel free to call or email us for an appointment or reach out via the phone.