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Midwifery practice ‘’Vol Verwachting’’ in Geldrop and Mierlo consists of our team experienced midwives with lots of passion for their job. While looking for a midwifery practice, we recommend focusing on finding the right match. You need to feel comfortable with your midwife and you must be on the same page regarding the treatment methods. We believe trust in yourself, and the midwife is essential for a pleasant pregnancy and delivery. This is why we pay lots of attention on the connection between us and the future mother and partner.

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Madelon Janssen

Practice owner, midwife,
sonographer and mother of 2

“Hello, I’m Madelon Janssen. In 2012 I graduated as a midwife and since January 1st 2014, I have been working as midwife and ultrasound technician at midwifery practice ‘’Vol Verwaching’’. Within the practice, I can pay full attention to the future parents, and accompany them during the pregnancy, delivery and in the maternity weeks.

I am a mother of two wonderful boys (2016 and 2018). This made me experience what it is like to be on the other side of the job – a very special experience. My pregnancy was not always easy and comfortable. My deliveries on the other hand both went rather smoothly, with the help of my colleague Tea, both of my boys were born at home. Due to my own experiences, I can empathise even better in experiencing pregnancy and the accompanying questions. I understand that it can make you insecure at times. It can be very nice to be reassured by a familiar face who can guide you from experience.

Our midwives’ care is accessible, which is very important to build trust. Confidence in yourself and in your midwife is very important to go through your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum properly.

In 2020 I followed the training for conception and IUD placement together with my colleague Tea, which is a nice addition to our profession and makes the care even more complete.”


Tea Bijlsma

Practice owner, midwife,
sonographer and mother of 3

I have been working as a midwife since 2012 and since 2014 I have been working in the midwifery practice ‘’Vol Verwachting’’ as a midwife and sonographer with great pleasure and satisfaction.

We are a small-scale and accessible midwifery practice. I think it is important to be able to offer all the attention and time to the mother-to-be, so that you, as a pregnant woman and partner, feel safe and heard in a surrounding that you trust. Our goal is to build a bond and to ensure that you can look back on this special and intimate period with a good feeling.

In September 2016,  March 2020 and May 2022, under the great guidance of Madelon, I became the mother of Jesse, Hugo and Valerie. I’ve had completely different pregnancies and deliveries. The first was a happy pregnancy with a difficult, the second was a less pleasant pregnancy with a smooth home birth, which was what I wanted, and the third was a difficult pregnancy ánd delivery…Although, for all of them, I thought it was a very special experience. Being able to experience pregnancy and birth myself has meant that I can empathize even better as a midwife.


Anke van Vlerken

Midwife and mother of 2

“Hi, I’m Anke and I’ve been a midwife since July 2013, graduating from the Academy of Midwifery in Maastricht. After graduating, I started working as a midwife in a large city practice in Eindhoven and after the arrival of our eldest daughter Liv (2015), I started working as a midwife in the hospital. First in the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen and then back to Eindhoven, in the Catharina Hospital. This allowed me to perform our beautiful obstetrics profession in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line. During this period I also obtained my diplomas for ultrasound and we were became parents of our youngest son Juul (2020).

It is amazing to guide expectant parents during one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives and as a midwife it makes me happy every time. Because I am a mother myself, I know how important personal attention is for the (future) mother. These parts are therefore the most important in my work for me.

From July 2022 I will be working within this nice midwifery practice and I hope to be able to guide many beautiful pregnancies. In addition, I will also continue to work as an ultrasound technician in obstetrics & gynaecology at the Catharina Hospital.”


Danique van Nielen


Hello all! I am Danique van Nielen, born and raised in Geldrop. I graduated last summer and received my diploma in Maastricht after many internships throughout the country. In addition to the experiences I gained in the South, Utrecht and the Achterhoek, I also did an internship at Vol Verwachting in September 2020 (so for some I may be familiar). Now 2 years later I can perform the wonderful profession independently.

I also enjoy sports, extensive cooking, chocolate and babies of course. It is therefore not surprising that I have chosen the most beautiful profession in the world. 

I am an energetic midwife who likes an honest and down-to-earth approach. I’m really excited to get started and meet you. See you soon!


Michelle Regts


Hello! Since April 2023 I have started at Praktijk Vol Verwachting. 

After 11 wonderful years as a clinical Midwife in the hospital, I now want to guide expectant parents through the entire process of pregnancy, childbirth and maternity. This way I can build a bond with pregnant women and their partner and offer them personal guidance during this special period.

In my free time I enjoy my husband and our four children. I am sportive, love reading and gardening, and a pleasant evening with family and friends should certainly not be missed.

At Praktijk Vol Verwachting, my main goal is to provide the best care for mother and child with love and positive energy. This is how we achieve maximum results together in this special time!

pasfoto Michelle voor Vol Verwachting

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