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Accidental pregnancy

You’re accidentally pregnant, and you must have many questions. Questions like how far along am I? How did I get pregnant? And what do I want to do with the pregnancy? It is important that you contact us as soon as possible. We can schedule an appointment with you to see how far along you are and we will give you information on what options you have.

You can also count on us with an accidental pregnancy. Sometimes it is unknown how far along you are. We will try to calculate this together by means of your menstruation cycle and an ultrasound. The pregnancy can be overwhelming, so we often schedule another moment of contact one or a few days later. This way there is enough room for you to think of questions you might have about the future. We are here to guide and support you!  

Help with parenting

We would like to inform you about all different possibilities there are for you. An accidental pregnancy does not always mean it is an unwanted pregnancy, but sometimes it is not possible to have and raise a child alone. Fortunately, there are a lot of great organisations to help you with parenting. Read more about this on the following websites.


Of course, an accidental pregnancy can also be unwanted. In the Netherlands, the legal threshold to abort without medical reasoning is 24 weeks. Doctors do however often keep to 22 weeks. For more information about abortions, take a look here:

More information during an accidental pregnancy

We are here to support and guide you during your accidental pregnancy. Contact us for a free consultation.