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Blood loss and miscarriage

You are pregnant, and you suddenly experience blood loss, what now? Always contact us if you experience blood loss. Blood loss at the beginning of your pregnancy occurs regularly and can have different causes. It does not always imply you are having a miscarriage. On this page we will explain what the causes are of blood loss and what you can do if you experience it. Finally, we will inform you about miscarriages.

Blood loss during the pregnancy

Experiencing blood loss during pregnany can be scary. The word miscarriage most likely crosses your mind but blood loss at the beginning of pregnancy actually occurs regularly.

Causes of blood loss at the beginning of your pregnancy:

  • Implantation bleeding
  • Intercourse
  • Stool
  • Abnormality of the cervix
  • Miscarriage

If you experience blood loss during the pregnancy, contact us immediately. We will try and find the cause by asking you a few questions. Depending on how many weeks pregnant you are, we will perform an ultrasound and give you an explanation and instruction as to what to do next.


The chances of suffering a miscarriage

Unfortunately, not each pregnancy leads to childbirth. Sometimes a pregnancy ends in a miscarriage. Unfortunately, miscarriages are rather common and the chances of miscarrying increases with age:

  • Up till 35 years the chance is 1 in 10
  • At an age of 35-40 the chance is 1 in 5-6
  • At an age of 40-45 years the chance is 1 in 3
  • At an age above 45 years the chance is 50%

What does a miscarriage look like

During a miscarriage you often suffer from blood loss and stomach cramps. This is what we call a ‘spontaneous miscarriage’. Not all miscarriages are accompanied by stomach pains and/or blood loss. It is also possible that there is no blood loss but that there is no heartbeat during the ultrasound. This is what we call a ‘missed abortion’. In most cases there is a chromosomal abnormality causing the miscarriage.

If we have confirmed a miscarriage, there are two options: we can wait till the bleeding starts or we can schedule an appointment with the gynaecologist. When blood loss occurs, the miscarriage often starts soon after. We advise you and give you instructions according to the blood loss and what to expect.

You have suffered a miscarriage, what now?

A miscarriage is an unpleasant experience, which can cause grief. After discovering your pregnancy, you create a new future perspective which suddenly disappears. Grieving is allowed, and it can take some time to process. We, as midwives are here for you, and, if desired, will stay in touch for a while.

1 to 6 weeks after the miscarriage, blood loss can still occur. We advise you to wait with intercourse until the bleeding has stopped.

More information on miscarriages or blood loss?

For more information on miscarriages, we would like to point you to deverloskundige.nl. You can always contact us for questions or ask them during a check-up appointment. Once again, if you experience blood loss during pregnancy, please contact us first.