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Checklist Pregnancy

There are some important things to take care of when you are pregnant. We have listed all these things for you in our Pregnancy Checklist. Don’t worry, when you schedule an intake with us, we will go through everything with you and guide you through the process. View the checklist below and please check this page about our emergency line. 

If you are coming in for an introductory meeting, firstly, we will go through a questionnaire together. In this questionnaire we ask you questions about your health, lifestyle and genetic disorders. We also discuss possible previous pregnancies and deliveries. Besides, we will explain our approach and care.

If we have your permission, we will discuss your dossier with the midwife/gynaecologist of the hospital of your preference. Please find the ‘care pathway’ below. Click here.

One of the midwives on our team will be your case manager but our entire team will also keep an eye on what is important in your pregnancy. We understand there is a lot of information coming your way. This checklist will help you gain a great overview.

1st trimester

  • Folic acid/ vitamin B11: we advise to take 400 mcg of folic acid (vitamin B11) each day from the moment you wish to get pregnant up until 10 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Vitamin D: we advise to take 10 Mcg of vitamin D during the entire pregnancy. This contributes to the uptake of calcium.
  • Calcium: we advise to take 1000 mg of Calcium each day from 12 weeks of pregnancy.
    • Mothers for mothers: from 6 to 16 weeks, you can participate in ‘mothers for mothers’: this organisation collects urine of pregnant women to make medicine to help other women get pregnant.
  • Sign up for maternity care: we advise you to sign up at a maternity care office after the first term ultrasound (11 weeks).
  • Check health care insurance: check your health insurance and which care they cover. The midwife care before, during and after the delivery is covered by the basic insurance. It is possible that you are charged or that certain tests are (partially) not reimbursed. Also request your maternity package.
  • Sign up for day-care: do this early in your pregnancy due to long waiting lists.
  • Request a leave of absence at your work: you will receive a pregnancy declaration after the first term ultrasound. You can hand this over to your employer or the UWV for arranging your maternity leave.

2nd trimester

  • SEO: at about 15 weeks you will receive the questionnaire for the second trimester SEO (20 weeks ultrasound). Read more about the ultrasounds here.
  • Arrange recognition with the council: preferably, do this before the 24th week because from then a birth registration is mandatory. Are you married? Or do you have a registered partnership? Then this is not necessary. Read more here.
  • Start gathering your baby’s first set of clothes
  • Are you going to fly? Up untill 28 weeks you can fly safely without complications. If you are flying after, ask us for a recent ‘fit-to-fly’ declaration.
  • Sign up for a pregnancy class (if desired)
  • Breast feeding class: from the 24th week you can sign up for a class. 

3rd trimester

  • Birth plan: if desired, you will receive a birth plan from us. At about 30-32 weeks we will schedule extra time to discuss the delivery.
  • Intake interview: If you are expecting your first child, then the maternity care will schedule a home visit for an intake interview. Read more about the maternity period
  • Get your suitcase ready: from 36 weeks
  • Car attachment for a maxi cosi: prepare for a car ride with the baby, try putting the maxi cosi in the car. There are enough videos on youtube for inspiration.
  • Babysitter: start thinking about a babysitter for possible older children and pets for when the delivery starts.

More information about the pregnancy

Do you have any other questions about the pregnancy? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or schedule an appointment during our office hours, we would like to help you further.