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Pregnancy check-ups

Pregancy Check-ups

During your pregnancy there are various measurement and control moments to monitor the growth of your baby, but also to see how you are doing physically and mentally. On this page we have listed all appointments and pregnancy checks for you. Read about all pregnancy checks and what you can expect at our midwifery practice in Geldrop and Mierlo below or check this website of the government of the Netherlands for more information: www.pns.nl.

In summary: the first interview is an intake which is a longer appointment. The follow-up pregnancy check-ups take about 15 minutes, depending on the type of appointment. In the beginning these appointments are every 4 weeks. The frequency of the checks increases when getting closer to the due date, to eventually 1 or 2 appointments each week. In addition, we plan extra time around 30-32 weeks to discuss the delivery.

1. The intake

The intake can be scheduled at the same time as the early ultrasound. If you wish to come earlier than 7-8 weeks because, for example, you have many questions, it is also possible to schedule this earlier.

During the intake we discuss your current health, medical history, any previous pregnancy(s), lifestyle and we would like to know whether there are hereditary diseases which run in the family. We also explain who we are and what can be expected of us as midwives. We also answer questions and give advice on, for example, nutrition.

If you have been pregnant before and this information is not known to us, please bring this information with you during the intake interview. If you no longer have the data ready, we can request it for you from the previous practitioner with your permission. Check for more information www.pns.nl.

2. Blood test

During the intake interview or during the term ultrasound, we will also give you a form for  a series of blood tests, which is important at the start of the pregnancy.

The results of the blood will be discussed during the 15-16 week check-up. We will contact you sooner if the results are concerning.

What will be checked in the blood sample?

  • Blood group
  • Rhesus D factor
  • Rhesus C factor
  • Irregular antibodies
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • Syfilis
  • HB/MCV
  • Glucose
  • Other if indicators show necessary

3. Prenatal screening

It is possible to check for (chromosomal) deviations during the pregnancies, also known as prenatal screening. If desired, we can discuss the possible tests. Check for more information: www.pns.nl.

4. Term ultrasound at 10-11 weeks

Around 10-11 weeks we will plan the ultrasound to determine the due date. After the term echo, we can provide you with a pregnancy declaration which we will, with you permission, send to your general practitioner so they are aware of the pregnancy.

For more information about the term ultrasound, take a look at ultrasounds.

5. Follow-up pregnancy check-ups

5. Follow-up pregnancy check-ups

After the term ultrasound, there are several follow-up checks.

In general the check-up schedule looks like this:

  • From the first check-up to the 24-weeks every 4 weeks (15-19-23 weeks)
  • From 24-30 weeks: every 3 weeks (27-30 weeks)
  • From 30 weeks to 36 weeks: every two weeks (32-34-36 weeks)
  • From 36 weeks onwards: every week (37-38-39-40-41 weeks)

During the pregnancy check-ups we will discuss how you are doing. There is room for you to ask any questions and discuss any problems or discomforts. You will also receive information from us regularly about for example the whooping cough vaccination or feeling your baby’s movements. Besides this, we will also measure your blood pressure, your weight, and we will check the growth of your uterus by feeling your stomach and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Check-ups take approximately 15 minutes.

Of course, we make sure the check-up schedule we use fits each individual situation and whether more appointments are needed or desired

6. Growth ultrasound

At about 28 weeks pregnancy we will schedule a growth ultrasound to measure the baby, only if we find a reason/ indication to do so. 

For more information about growth ultrasounds, take a look at ultrasounds.

7. 32 weeks - discuss birth plan

At about 24 weeks of pregnancy, if desired, you will receive a birth plan which you can make customise to fit your needs. At about 32 weeks we will schedule extra time to discuss this plan and explain what can be expected during labour, what the calling instructions are and we will discuss and note your wishes. If desired, we can show you the process of labour by using a book with drawings.

You will also receive information on the heel stick and hearing screening.

8. 34-35 weeks position ultrasound

At about 34-35 weeks, we will perform another ultrasound to determine how the baby is positioned.

For more information about the position ultrasound, take a look at ultrasounds.

9. 40 weeks, discuss going overdue

At about 40 weeks we will schedule some extra time to discuss the possibilities of being overdue. We will discuss the possibilities and make a plan together.

More information about the pregnancy check-ups

More information about the pregnancy check-ups

Do you have any more questions about the pregnancy check-ups and measurement moments? Or would you like to receive more information about prenatal screening? Get in touch with us for more information or schedule an appointment for our consultation hour; we are always here to help.