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What you need to arrange before the delivery

And then the moment of the delivery has finally arrived; the moment that you have been waiting for, for 9 months. It’s a special and exciting. Read more about what you can expect here, and how you and your partner can best prepare for this moment.  We will be here to guide you through the delivery.

At about 32 weeks we will discuss the place of delivery, the birth wishes, we will give you information about our guidance during delivery and we will discuss the birth process.

Between 37 and 42 weeks we are allowed to guide you during delivery. If you give birth before 37 weeks, the delivery guidance will be in the hospital, as this is what we call a premature birth.

1. Delivery plan

If desired, you can fill in a delivery plan. But what is a delivery plan? A delivery plan is a document in which you can fill in your wishes for the delivery. This can for example be; where you want to deliver, who is allowed to be in the room during the delivery, in which position you would like to give birth and what food you would like to give after the birth. At about 32 weeks of pregnancy, we will discuss the delivery plan and if necessary, it can be changed. At about 24 weeks of pregnancy, if desired, we will send you a delivery plan by mail. If you wish to use your own lay out, that is also fine of course. A delivery plan is not mandatory but helpful for us as it gives us an idea of your preferences and specific wishes.

We will put your delivery plan in a folder along with your pregnancy information, so this can be looked at again during your delivery. If the childbirth becomes medical, we will also use the delivery plan.

On www.deverloskundige.nl you can find an example and information on how to fill in a delivery plan.

2. Deliver at home or in the hospital?

When we guide you during your pregnancy, you can often choose where you want to deliver your baby. We guide both home and hospital deliveries. With a hospital delivery, you will give birth in the hospital with your own midwife. This is also known as a moved homebirth.

3. How do we guide you during the delivery?

  • When labour starts, we always come to your house first. When you want to deliver in the hospital, we will go to the hospital during the dilation phase.
  • If you want to deliver at home, you will be guided by one of our midwives and the maternity nurse of the organisation of your choice.
  • If you deliver in the hospital, you will be guided by one of our midwives and the maternity nurse or nurse of the hospital.

Depending on your insurance, you need to pay a contribution for a hospital delivery. This is something you can inquire with your insurance company.

If complications occur during pregnancy or delivery, this is the gynaecologist’s responsibility.

4. Necessities and preparation of delivery

For both home and hospital deliveries, it is important to have a few things at home. What do you need for the delivery? Below you will find an overview of all necessary things.

  1. Maternity package: The maternity package is necessary for everyone who is going to give birth. You can request the maternity package at your health insurance company. Sometimes the package is compensated by your insurance. In the case it is not, you can retrieve the package at the pharmacy.
  2. Bed at 70cm height: not only for the delivery, but also for during the maternity check-ups, it is important that the bed is at the right height for the midwives and the maternity nurse. Via the home care shop, you can rent bed blocks. You can also use crates.
  3. 2 hot water bottles with bags
  4. Digital thermometer (not an ear thermometer)
  5. +/- 12 hydrophilic diapers and 6 hydrophilic washcloths
  6. Shower Stool
  7. Bottle or measuring cup for rinsing

Extra necessities for home birth:

  • Two buckets with bin bags. One bucket for the dirty laundry and one bucket for waste.

5. What do you need to take with you in your hospital bag?

  1. Folder with the pregnancy information
  2. Clothes for you and possibly your partner
  3. Clothes including a hat for the baby
  4. Toiletries
  5. Camera (or phone)
  6. Phone charger

More information

Do you have questions about preparing for your delivery or would you like to receive more advice? Contact us or discuss it with us during your next appointment. Click here for more information about the calling instructions.